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Discover the right jewelry for different occasions –
Tutts Designs Jewelry

Are you confused like every 8 out of 10 men, as to whether you should wear any kind of jewelry with your outfit or not? This is certainly a very common struggle in a man’s life. No matter how old you are, jewelry adds to your final look of the day. Almost all men will agree that finding the right men’s jewelry is one of the most daunting tasks.

On the top of it, the fact that you missed the perfect occasion of wearing the beautiful necklace you recently bought, is a disaster. Another factor that troubles men who like jewelry is that they can’t decide between layering too much and keeping it simple, therefore ending up confused. All you need to do is calm down and know the fact that you will always have another chance to show off your jewelry, the trick is to know when!

That’s right, once you have an idea of when to wear what, you will not be confused anymore. You won’t have to worry about looking over the top or getting to overdressed. Just go by our blog and you will have a fair idea of tuning up your accessory for any occasion.

The Wedding Guest

The best occasion to showcase your lovely jewelry items is someone’s wedding. If you are the groom or just attending someone’s wedding, you can plan your outfit and accessories accordingly. Once you have the right outfit in your hands, you can start layering all your favorite jewelry pieces.

Our team of experts advice that if you are planning on solid colors, go for our Pharaoh Pyramid Necklace or Ruby Pendant Necklace. You would not only stand out with the divergent colors in your jewelry but this also adds to your charm.

The Working Men – Formal day

The solution for finding the right jewelry in a professional setting is staying sweet and simple. That’s right, go with our Cleopatra Necklace. It’s simply royal yet simple. This handcrafted necklace completes your look without over-glamorizing your workday.

The Dinner Party

Wondering what to wear for an upcoming dinner party? You have come at the perfect spot for selecting the best piece from our jewelry collection. 

Nefertiti Necklace Piece or Micro Pyramid Piece Necklace are a perfect choice for casual dinner parties.

To get a more flawless finish pair it up with a black outfit and you are all set to rock the night. In case you feel it would be too heavy for the occasion, you can always opt for our classy Franco box bracelet – simple yet subtle.

On the other hand, try avoiding such jewelry for a morning function. You can do with some delicate pieces or silver chains that suit any outfit and every occasion.

In the end, it’s all up to you whatever you end up wearing, don’t forget to carry it with a smile.